I say it happened Sunday. Witness this quote:

The Reds took the early lead. They loaded the bases in the second with no outs. Edwin Encarnacion singled, Andy Phillips doubled and Corey Patterson was hit by a pitch.

"We had him on the ropes," Baker said.

David Ross got a run home with a sacrifice fly.

The usual play here is to have Bailey bunt. But the leadoff hitter, Jerry Hairston Jr., had been hit with a pitch as he tried to bunt in the first. He could not swing the bat properly as a result.

"That's why we let Homer hit," Baker said. "He's a pretty good hitter. Then let Jerry squeeze bunt or something."

But Bailey bounced into a 4-6-3 double play.

Hairston led off the third with a bunt. He beat it out, despite pulling up when his hamstring locked up. He was carried off the field.

So Dusty, Hairston COULD NOT swing the bat and you kept him in? With Bruce available on the bench? Having Bailey swing away because Hairston COULD NOT SWING THE BAT!!! Idiotic.