Just got back around 6 PM tonight. I did take some of the advice on here, but being that it was a company function, the mornings and most of yesterday were spent on their time.

The Inner Harbor is pretty much where everything is at in Baltimore. All of the shopping is there, plus there are concerts almost every evening around the Power Plant district. We stayed at the Marriott on the Waterfront, which is a really upscale hotel. You need no further proof than asking a bellhop where the stairs are after a meeting and him telling you that the stairs are really inconvenient.

For anybody who does happen to stay there, the fifth floor is the pool area, which also has a sun balcony that has a beautiful view of the skyline.

The owner of the company has a luxury box in Ravens Stadium and pulled some major strings to put on the awards show on the field Thursday night. The Ravens cheerleaders were there as well as Poe, as well as a marching band for the entertainment. After the celebration we headed to the luxury box for an open bar and dinner, which included pulled pork and turkey sandwiches, sliders, and bratwursts, as well as different types of cheesecakes. It was definitely an eye opening experience. There was a lot of discussion over the weekend regarding the company cutting 600 jobs as well, so it does make for an interesting discussion where the money went towards.

Did get to eat at Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and ESPN Sportszone for dinner. Ate at Hooters the next day for lunch(overrated IMO). Had a company function dinner last night which featured Sha-Na-Na as the entertainment.

I also learned that I am not a Bacardi person, especially mixing Bacardi and Pepsi.