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Budweiser is not a "bad beer". It tastes exactly like it is supposed to taste every time, which is one of the reasons Budweiser became the country's leading brewer. They introduced large scale brew mastering in this country.

It may not pass the Reinheitsgeboht (it's made with rice mash), but of all the mass produced beers out there, it is hard to find one with a crisper taste. And I am not surprised that it's popular in other countries because for what it is- a "light" lager- it is still a very good one, and it probably stands out as an alternative to European beers.

That doesn't mean I'm going to go out and buy a case; it may not be my preferred taste, but I don't think it's a poor product.
Budweiser came from a recipe and named after a Czech town called "Budweis". When deciding to come up with something uniquely original in the United States, they settled on this recipe after considering 100's of others. They were the very first to come up with a beer like this and 100's of other American companies tried following their lead after they became so successful. They were the first to introduce pasteurization to their beer, also, allowing them to also be the first to be able to transport their beer over great distances without it being ruined. They were also the first to introduce the "refrigerated train cart", which also assisted them into being able to transport their beer great distances.

A great American story.

...and when John Travolta was downing Budweiser at Mickey D's, there was not other beer to order at that time in the country. They had half the beer market in the United States for many, many decades.