Anyone know the easiest and cheapest way for me to copy a audio cassette to a CD? I need something pretty quick as well. I am planning to put in for a job at a radio station and the only air check I have is on cassette and 8 years old. I have a feeling I won't be taken seriously or even listened to if I send a cassette. I tore through all of my boxes to find the old cassette and I believe it's the last one I have.

I looked around online and the cheapest thing I could find was 150 dollars. That is way too much for me right now. If there was an inexpensive way to run it to my CPU and convert it to MP3, that would be another option.

This is not going to be a full time gig so it's not life or death, but more of a hobby. I have had the radio bug for a long time, but got out of the business at 21 because there was no money in it. Now that I have a steady income, I am looking to get back in on a part time basis. It was a kick to go back and listen to it earlier today. I have not heard it for years and was really surprised that it seems decent, even today. I think I could land the job if it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. They may not even mess with a tape these days.