I have always been one who people come to for advice.Looking back , now I wish I had got into Psychiatry or something to that effect.
Anywho.. I have something where I dont know what is best route so I am turning to the Zoners.

A friend has a financial problem and I am going to explain it as best I can cause I dont really know what to tell him.

A while ago, due to family medical problems, he got behind on his bills. He had several credit cards which he said he was never late on till all this.
Well everything began to snowball and now..he is in a tough financial crisis.

Most bills he isnt very far behind in yet still, enough that makes it hard to catch up. If he pays half the payment , he still gets charged a late paymnet/overlimit fee which continues to mount.

My suggestion was maybe going thru a local bank, get a consolidation loan and then he could pay off the debts and concentrate a fresh on his one payment.
Problem is ...due to "bad credit", he cant get the loan from the bank.
His question.."how do you get back on track from bad credit" when people wont help you do it because of bad credit.

This is where I need your advice and I am not trying to pry in anyone's personal life. Just asking for advice if anyone knows any in this area.

I told him I knew of things advertised on radio/tv about situations like this but I dont know what is legit and what isnt.
BTW..he doesnt want to take bankruptcy as he said..he would like to do this another way.
Any suggestions as I am at a loss :