Well, a few months back some of you might recall that the wife had given her blessing to trying to find suitable employment in Cincinnati so we could move there.

Funny thing happened on the way to season tickets....I got fired from my job.

Now some might consider this a blank check to go where we wanted, but it actually only opened a window for us but also forced us to look in the general region as opposed to just Cincinnati.

Long story short, we are moving to Louisville, KY instead.

We are both really excited. I've gotten a job as the guy who is responsible for what the inside of your friendly local neighborhood Kroger looks like [at least the 168 of them in the Mid South division], and the wife is going to work for the city.

Aside from being fired, things couldn't have matched up much better. My job, her job, Kroger is paying for the move and helping us sell the house we own now. We found a new house already and closed on it this afternoon. The parents all like Louisville better because its closer to 'home'.

The only one not happy is the cat, she doesn't like change. She'll get over it.

Anyway, I'll be moving starting tomorrow. Try not to let the Reds make any exciting moves I'd want to discuss until I get back.

And if anyone has any good tips on life in Louisville, let me know.