10 team 7 X 7 Yahoo points keeper league.
Hitting - RBI, Runs, HR, OPS, AVG, SB, 2B
Pitching - W, L, SV, K, ERA, Whips, Holds

I'm currently in 6th place so I'm thinking about next year. With the trade deadline coming up I thought about offering up a trade to improve my keepers. It's not a deep keeper league (only 3 keepers), but I need more impact players that I can rely on.

So my question is what 2 keepers would you keep? Then with the rest of the leftovers I thought about offering the best of the rest for 1 player (+ there junk to balance the trade).

Here are my players: C.Jackson, Russell Martin, BJ Upton, D.Ortiz, Quentin, Bradley, Kemp, Verlander, Youkilis, Liriano, M.Rivera, Billingsley

Can I get a few ideas? Also if this is a bad idea let me know.