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Oh dear, how can I forget the all-time most overrated thing in the world: Radiohead.

I don't care how many 5 star reviews RS throws at them, or how innovative they are.

You may think you're cool by liking them, but you don't really like it. You feel hip placing it on the counter, it sounds cool to talk about with people you just met, but it's just noise. Crappy noise. Just admit it and throw on a Backstreet Boys CD. Sure, it's cheesy, but at least it has a chorus, keyboards, guitars, drums and it's not a wasteland filled with things that sound like a violin being played with a tire iron.

Radiohead takes something wonderful like music, and turns it into an unbearable experience.

People thought it was a big deal that they released an album online.

Well if you wait a bit, you'll be able to buy it at garage sales nationwide.
The Bends was and is great, OK computer is just that OK and after that I agree.