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How come the GM (both Walt and Wayne) has no spot in this discussion? While I agree that it is apparent to pretty much everyone except those that matter that Dusty is doing a poor job of managing, I think the GMs should be getting more blame than Castellini should.
I can't help but to continue to believe that you are placing the blame on the wrong management level of the Cincinnati Reds.

Year DER MLB rank
2008 .681 29th
2007 .682 26th
2006 .691 21st
2005 .683 28th
2004 .696 20th
2003 .698 21st
2002 .700 19th
2001 .695 23rd

These eight seasons cover a period of several general managers, several managers, several coaches and several different players and doesn’t say a lot to dissuade me from continuing to blame the investor/owners along with the chief executive officers of the Cincinnati Reds during this period. It appears to me that the Reds could not afford their fodder and filler rosters of under funded teams, if they indeed wanted to field a winning product.