What are your "rules" for the music you like?
Here are some of mine:

1) It must be original, not just a copycat band with a sound that I've heard in a hundred different places.
2) I will not listen to a band that you need to be under the influence of some foreign substance to understand or enjoy (Phish, The Doors)
3) Ignore music critics: They almost always love a bands first album and then their second album either sounds "too much like the first" or "not enough like the first".
4) "Hit the note and move on" I don't care for jam bands (see rule #2)
5) I could care less about "selling out" If I were in band and someone said, "I will give you $40,000 to play your song on a commercial." I would sign my name on the line as fast as humanly possible.
6) Any song with the "sparkles/shooting star" sound at the beginning is out.
7) Any song that abuses to slide guitar is out.
8) Any singer that overdoes the "twang" is out. It is a simple ploy that anyone can use to hide vocal weaknesses.
9) Any song with a preset dance that comes with it (especially when the dance instructions are in the song)
10) Any Paul McCartney song written and performed without John Lennon.