From the NY Post:

BOSTON - Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz shared a late meal Saturday night on the eve of Rodriguez's 33rd birthday at JER-NE restaurant and were joined by somebody Rodriguez predicts will develop into a star.
Sitting with the perennial All Stars was Yonder Alonso, a Coral Gables, Fla., resident, former Miami University star and the seventh pick (by the Reds) in last month's draft who Rodriguez predicts will sign a $7 million contract soon.
"Manny (Ramirez) and (Ortiz) are [my] close friends," Rodriguez said when asked if he often socializes with opponents before the Yanks' 9-2 loss to the Red Sox last night.
Alonso is more than a friend to Rodriguez, a fellow Coral Gables resident.
"He hits at my house every night, still does," Rodriguez said of left-handed hitting first baseman Rodriguez compared with a young Jason Giambi. "He was my shadow for four months during the winter."