I keep reading how Reds management aren't "blown away" with trade offers for certain guys like Affeldt, Weathers, etc. Really, what do you EXPECT for these guys? If some of these one year players aren't traded for SOMETHING, any decent young minor leaguer, this management must be as stupid as it looks.

The year is over. We're not rallying. What is the use of keeping these one off players around? It's like if you have a yard sale on its last day, and you have all this crap you're going to throw out if someone doesn't buy. You have a tag on an old lamp to sell it for $8.00 and someone offers you $5.00, and you say "no thanks, $8.00 or nothing" and they leave. Then you throw the lamp in the trash.

Really, thats the ridiculous logic of Reds management right now. In even the most ridiculous example, say if ANYONE wanted Corey Patterson - if you offered to pay the rest of his salary for the year and traded that for a decent minor leaguer, why would you not do it? Same with other mediocre players who have salary coming to them for the rest of the year .. ::cough:: Griffey ::cough::.

Reds management doesn't seem to grasp the concept of sunk cost. If Griffey plays here the rest of the year, he's being paid. If he sits the bench, he's being paid. If he's injured, he's being paid. In all scenarios, the Reds aren't making the playoffs. So why the ridiculousness over if the guy found a place he would go to, and they wanted you to pay his salary for the rest of the year for a couple of prospects? You'll be paying it ANYWAY, with NO reward. At least this way you'll be paying for something in the future, instead of an aging player who won't help you achieve anythnig the rest of the year.

This management drives me up a wall. It seems like no one seems to grasp these simple concepts.