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That is fine, it doesn't make him the most complete post player because he can execute one post move. The guy averages about 15 PPG. 90% of his time is spent on the perimeter or yapping at the refs. It takes one call to get him off his game. A complete player wouldn't let the refs get under his skin.

Rasheed is like Derrick Coleman. The ability to be the best but just not the head to do it. 20 years is a long time. You are spanning the careers of Karl Malone and Charles Barkley, two guys who should be considered much better players (and complete) than Wallace. Barkley could kill you inside and out. He could dribble by you or go thru you. Malone might be the best 4 to ever play the game and he too could hit the outside shot.
If I were going to build a post-player, it would be Rasheed. He is 7'0'', his shot is almost unblockable, and he is able to defend almost anyone, and is a good rebounder. Rasheed is a very unselfish player. He could have easily averaged 25+ in his prime, but he understands basketball and he understands that his scoring isn't always the most important thing. Barkley was a career 27% 3 point shooter, Rasheed is a 34% shooter (and is getting better). Barkley and Malone were better players, but they were not as versatile as 'Sheed.