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Baker talked one-on-one with Bruce about the move to third in the lineup. The 21-year-old had most recently batted leadoff with Jerry Hairston Jr. out with an injury. Hairston was activated Friday and resumed leading off.

Bruce, who has batted third for most of his professional career, has struggled at times this season since his red-hot start. He's trying to show more plate discipline and wants to cut down on his strikeouts.

"I talked to him about what I require a third hitter to do," Baker said. "Without taking away his aggressiveness, he'll need to be a little more selective at the plate. Take your pitch. He batted third most of his life in the Minor Leagues. We'll see."

"I think I've hit third in two games in the big leagues," Bruce said. "No matter what, it's where I'm used to hitting. Obviously, with Ken being here, there was no question over who was batting third."

But Baker said Bruce is not being given the No. 3 spot.

"We've got to win ballgames," Baker said. "We'll see. I talked to (Bruce) about hitting third, about what I require a third hitter to do. Without taking away his aggressiveness, sometimes be more selective at the plate. He's batted third most of his life."

While I think that Bruce should be batting Third - at SOME POINT - this is a little premature. But, why does that surprise me at all?!?!

Votto is having as "good" of a year as BP stat-line wise, so let's not "develop" him by giving him a cushy lineup position.

Our 5th place hitter, being wasted with lack of people in front of him, as he would have probably 20+ more RBI if he were batting in BP's spot.

The only saving grace, for now, is that this was against a lefty starter.
Can't wait to see what our everyday lineup is against LHP.
I'm guessing exactly the same.