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"2 Cubs fans charged in beatdown of Brewers fan

Victim in Miller Park confrontation had to have jaw wired shut, police say

Two Downers Grove men accused of beating up a Milwaukee Brewers fan outside Miller Park in Milwaukee this week were charged Friday with felony battery, authorities said.

Adam Miechle, 25, and Jerry Emert, 26, both of the 1800 block of Newport Road in Downers Grove, were charged with substantial battery with intent to cause bodily harm, a felony punishable by up to 3 1/2 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, according to the complaint filed by the Milwaukee County district attorney's office.

The victim, Brandon Feezor, 24, was walking through the parking lot of Miller Park on Tuesday night after the Cubs victory over the Brewers when he said he traded insults with a group of Cubs fans on a charter bus, according to the complaint. Some of the fans on the bus threw items at Feezor, who responded by throwing an empty can of energy drink at the bus.

"Feezor stated that two of the Cubs fans immediately started hitting him, and caused him to fall to the ground, where they kept beating him," the complaint states.

The victim told authorities he was "somewhat stunned" after the beating. His jaw had been broken and it was surgically repaired and wired shut at West Allis Memorial Hospital, authorities said.

Police reviewed surveillance video of the incident and arrested the defendants Tuesday night.

The third man, a 34-year-old Joliet resident, was not charged with a felony because he did not reach the victim until after the initial beating had taken place. Milwaukee police cited him for disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault after he allegedly punched his sister in the mouth as she tried to intervene in the fight, police said.

A bail of $500 each was set Friday afternoon for Miechle and Emert. Both defendants are scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing August 11 in Milwaukee County Court."