Good luck to Griffey. I hope the legs hold up playing in CF and I look forward to seeing the Sox in the post-season. Now I'll probably root for them to win it all.

For the record, I've been pretty critical of Griffey and have long thought it was past the time for him to move on. That said, placing the blame for "the lost decade" (to quote Cyclone) on Griffey is not correct. IMO it mostly is on Marge and Uncle Carl.

But Griffey had become a problem defensively. This team is going to move forward on the arms of Cueto, Volquez, Harang, Bailey, Burton, Bray, Cordero and even Arroyo. That group throws-up a lot of fly balls and the team needed to improve out there. The staff is being worn out by having to get the extra outs that the plays not made turn into. There is still quite a bit of crud on this team defensively, but IMO the largest problem was resolved today (and moving Bruce out of CF where I've been less than impressed may actually make this a two spot upgrade). There is still a third of the season to go and a lot of pitches have already been piled on those mostly young and talented arms. I have to think the best return on this deal may be giving them an easier time getting 27 outs in a ballgame between now and the end of September. Lets get out of this lost year with those guys in one piece.

If Massett or Richar surprise and turn ino something, thats a bonus. Hopefully WJ can use the small amount of payflex gained for 2009 to the Reds benefit.