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I dislike Dusty insistance on doing as well as possible in any given season. once you are out of it why do 70 wins matter versus 75, you still had a losing season. He places his personal record as a manager over the improvement of the orginization. He did it in Chicago in 2005 and he is doing it here. I think Walt has to mandate a change in philosiphy or we won't get to see who might play a role in 2009.
I would disagree. I'm not interested in running a team out there and not expecting to win. We'll have time to look at players like Dickerson and Hanigan to see if they have value for 2009, but the club better be going out there to win as often as they can. While they may look like they're just playing out the string, I'd like to see the team's feet held to the fire to win, period.