Here's the catch. What are the things, other than other motorists, that irritate you, those things that would bug you even if you're the only vehicle on the road? This isn't about other drivers, but just about irritations you encounter.

1. Traffic lights that are timed intentionally to make sure you will have to stop at every one. You're sitting at a red light and it turns green. You start out and the next one turns red on you. You sit there and set out when it turns green, only to have the next one turn red. There is a street in Columbia, SC that is like that. It's at least 10-12 lights, every other block, and you can't make two of them in a row the way they have them staggered.

2. Speed bumps from hell. The ones that darn near rip the bottom of your vehicle out going over them.

3. Some of those wide open four lane roads in the northeast with a 45 or 55 speed limit. There are a few of those in Connecticut.

4. No Commercial Vehicles Allowed. @#%$!!!

5. Driving through work zones where there is a concrete barrier on each side.

6. Concrete medians that can't be crossed. You take an exit and pull into a gas station on the right side of the road. When you pull out, you can't just turn left to get back to the interstate on ramp. You have to turn right, go down the street half a mile, and turn around.

7. Intersections without a left turn arrow.

8. Restaurant or bank drive thrus with a low clearance.

9. Metered on ramps. I know why they do it, but it's still annoying when everyone has to come to a complete stop and wait for a green light to continue on the ramp to the highway.

10. Split speed limits. It's dangerous to have one kind of vehicle going 10-15 mph slower than the other vehicles.