Queen+ Paul Rodgers announced a bunch of details recently regarding their new single "C-lebrity" taken from the soon-to-follow studio album "The Cosmos Rocks."

While "C-lebrity" has made the rounds on the internet courtesy of a live performance of it last month on a UK TV show, the full studio recording has now hit, check it out courtesy of www.youtube.com. Here's the link;


I have to say the song has really grown on me and I definitely prefer the studio cut to the live performance. I've read reviews of the song saying it's "All Right Now" meets "Somebody to Love" and I think that's about right. The kind of combination you would have expected from the three of them getting together.

BTW here's the live performance of "C-lebrity"


The new single and album releases will be in the following formats :

SINGLE – C-lebrity
Released: September 8th – All formats

1. C-lebrity
2. C-lebrity (All Murray’s Happy Hour Video)
3. C-lebrity (Now Play It Tutorial)

1. C-lebrity
2. Fire & Water (Live In Japan)

Digital Bundle
1. C-lebrity
2. Fire & Water (Live In Japan)

iTunes Exclusive bundle
1. C-lebrity
2. Fire & Water (Live In Japan)
3. The Show Must Go On (Live In Japan)

ALBUM – The Cosmos Rocks
Released: September 15th 2008 (UK/ROW) / October 14th 2008 (US/Canada)

Tour Edition – Queen Online Only
Standard CD
Special Edition CD and DVD
Gatefold Vinyl
Itunes Album Exclusive format


A new Official Queen You Tube Channel has been launched with a selection of (currently 19) classic Queen videos, plus a couple of Queen + Paul Rodgers live cuts and of course the performance of ‘C-lebrity’, the new single (out September 8th!), taken from the band’s performance on Al Murray’s show earlier in the year.

More and more official Queen videos will be added over time, plus, hopefully, some rare and unseen bits if possible.

Link here: http://www.youtube.com/queenofficial
Queen are also hitting the other major networking sites now with official profiles on http://www.myspace.com/queen and www.facebook.com/pages/Queen/17337462361

I don't understand why the album is coming out in America about a *month* after the UK release but whatever, I guess I'll just buy the import as I see no reason in waiting that long.

It should also be noted that "C-lebrity" isn't technically the first single from the album though it's the first to get any real promotion. "Say It's Not True," previously only heard as an accoustic number during their live shows, was also recorded in the studio for inclusion on the upcoming album. It was reworked with Roger Taylor, Brian May and Paul Rodgers sharing lead vocals and given a Queen-ified rock ending. You can hear this version on www.youtube.com as well:


"Having between them sold more than 300 million albums, it is only to be expected that the first studio collaboration between rock giants Queen and revered rock legend Paul Rodgers in the form of the upcoming album The Cosmos Rocks is one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated.

For the music we will have to wait a little longer: the album does not reach stores until September 15 (October 14 in the USA), but for anyone wondering how Queen and Paul Rodgers circa 2008 visualise themselves the band this week revealed the cover art for the forthcoming CD album.

The thematic image is the work of award winning photographer Edgar Martins who has been hailed ‘one of the most influential artists of his generation working within the medium of Photography’. Widely represented internationally in various high profile museums, public, corporate and private collections, Martin’s awarded books and series include ‘Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies’ and ‘The Diminishing Present’, work, according to critical observers, ‘positioned in the grey area of fact and fiction, reality and allegory’.

So beyond Martin’s striking cover image, what lies in store with The Cosmos Rocks?

Tantalisingly, the Queen + Paul Rodgers’ point of view is: “People really, truly playing together in the studio – you don’t get that much these days. But, you will get it on the new Queen and Paul Rodgers album.”

The Cosmos Rocks, featuring 13 all-new tracks written and recorded by Queen + Paul Rodgers, is released by EMI/Parlophone throughout the world excepting North America where it is a Hollywood Records release."

As stated in the May issue of Rollingstone: Other tracks from the new album include “We Believe,” an “epic in Queen’s traditional style,” according to May, and “Call Me,” which he says sounds like it would fit right in on Queen’s 1974 classic, Sheer Heart Attack. Also Q+PR recorded a cover of the classic "Runaway" but it will not be featured on the album. What they decide to do with it is anyone's guess right now, a future B-side? Digital single on itunes? Who knows?

In Paul Rodgers news, Bad Company will ride again this summer -- for one night only.

The '70s rock troupe plans to reunite for a one-off show on Aug. 8 at the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., the group's first performance since a 1999 reunion tour. And although frontman Paul Rodgers tells Billboard.com that "it'll be great to see the guys and play and go back down that road again just for one night," there's also a business component to the gig.

"What I'm doing is protecting the legacy that we have built ... cementing the rights to the trademark Bad Company for touring," explains Rodgers, acknowledging that the group has learned of plans for at least one bogus Bad Company planning to hit the road. "I can't really go into that because it's kind of in the hands of our lawyers at the moment. But there are a lot of things that make it necessary to reinforce our rights here. He continues, "By doing this one-night stand with Bad Company, we will be cementing our right to the trademark 'Bad Company' for touring, and anyone who attempts to challenge us and tour misuing our trademark and mislead the fans will be liable to legal action."

Rodgers will be joined in August by original Bad Company guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke, who continued the group with other singers after Rodgers left in 1982. Lynn Sorenson from Rodgers' solo band will take the place of late bassist Boz Burrell, who died in 2006.

The show will be dedicated to the memory of Steve Weiss, the longtime attorney for Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Swan Song Records, who passed away last week in Florida. It will also be recorded for a DVD that will accompany a Bad Company compilation expected out later this year.

"I think it should be pure Bad Company and nothing else," Rodgers says of the show's repertoire. "We're gonna dig into the catalog a little bit. There are some great songs there I'd like to revisit, like 'Simple Man,' and of course the favorites, too," such as "Can't Get Enough," "Bad Company," "Feel Like Makin' Love" and "Rock'N'Roll Fantasy."

Rodgers does not expect to do more with Bad Company after this show, however, owing to his solo career and to his involvement with Queen + Paul Rodgers, which is working on final mixes for a studio album, tentatively titled "The Cosmos Rocks" and due out this fall. The group will start a world tour in September in Europe, and it recently previewed a new track, "C-lebrity," on British TV.

"We're in great shape, actually," Rodgers says. "I think it touches a lot of emotions. Every song is different from every other song, but I do think there is a very powerful emotional content in every song. I'm a great believer in variety in music, and so are the other guys."