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Thanks for the rundown. It's great that UC football keeps getting better. I used to love to go to those games when I was in like 7th grade but they were terrible.
Who plays QB if it isn't Mauk?
Right now Dustin Grutza is the favorite if Mauk is out. He's a senior and he started his sophomore year when Dantonio was here. He started two games last year when Mauk was hurt and looked pretty good. I don't think he's going to be a Ben Mauk, but I think he will surprise people. His sophomore year he was playing through injuries most of the year, and I think part of Mauk's success last year was Kelly's system instead of the QB. Mauk wasn't anything great before he came here last year, and there's a reason Kelly's QB's have always had huge numbers. The other two guys in the race are Chazz Anderson who is a redshirt freshmen and Demetrius Jones who transferred from Notre Dame after the fallout with Charlie Weiss. I think Jones is the qb of the future, but he just had rotator cuff surgery and isn't 100%. Chazz Anderson can is pretty fast and a good scrambler, so he could be a decent option, but it scares me throwing a freshman qb out there.