Hope there is no objection to a seperate thread about this as it's really more of a question about this process rather than a specific inquiry about Micah Owings.

So...Owings is confirmed to be a part of the deal sending Dunn to ARI in a post-waiver trade. Dunn clears and is sent immediately. Obviously we now know the other players involved had to clear waivers as well. From what we've been told, Leatherpants put in a claim on Owings and therefore blocked him from immediately moving to Cincy and, as I understand it, he now has to wait until the season concludes to come here.

Here's what I don't understand. What does Owings (or a player in a similar circumstance) do for the rest of the year? Furthermore, who pays him? Can he play for the 'Backs AAA team at all? What motivation do they have to take care of him? Does he simply have to sit out and rot the rest of the year? This is just a strange, strange situation. Freaking Leatherpants.