I just read about the playoff draw for the IL, and the Bats would get the IL South winner, likely Durham, in a best of 5 series in the first round. The odd thing is though, the first two games are in Louisville and the final three are in Durham, so essentially they have home field despite the Bats having a much better record. Not that it matters a ton probably, but I found that odd.

Plus I found it odd they predetermine who playes who before the season. This year it was IL West vs. South, and IL North versus wild card team. Ironically the wild card team will come out of the north too, so ti will be an odd north vs. north situation. I understand minor league playoffs isn't exactly a priority, but they could at least set it up to be a little more professional. Two best of 5 series and a 1 game title game in Oklahoma versus the PCL champ to crown the Triple A title seems like an odd setup.