2 thoughts:

1. Wasn't Votto a catcher before being switched to 1st base? I am guessing he may have gotten switched because of his lack of defense(?)...is that true or am i getting too old to remember what happened? Or both.

2. If the organization takes the approach that they are going to call much of the game from the bench then i think it could be done with much more ease. You call the game from the bench and you don't have to live with a Bako as your catcher. Bako probably calls a good game and that's his biggest strength. IIRC, LaRussa and his coaches call the game from the bench and i got to believe that makes it easier on catchers. It also makes it easier on their relationship with each other. Half of Cueto's problems earlier in the year had to do with him not following his catcher's advice. If that's the case--take it out of the catcher's hands and address the problem straight on.

3. Princeton -it's a dang good idea. You have to have the whole organization on board to make it work -and as of right now -there's just too many different agendas (Baker's).

4. Anyone believe Baker could call a game from the bench? He gets out managed on a strategy level every game and i'm guessing he doesn't handle 20% of what LaRussa handles.