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Glad to hear your safe Sandy. This is my first hurricane season in Houston and I have been glued to the weather channel and weather underground for a few days now.
Learn about your area now. Each area has a unique set of problems. Know the problems of your area. Know when and why you might need to evacuate. Know what to expect, how to prepare if you ride out a storm at home. (If you live in Houston for an extended period of time, you will likely choose to ride out some storms.)

How do you like living in Houston?

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WDSU channel 6 from New Orleans is on directv exclusively on channel 361 for everyone don't matter what package you have everyone gets it. Its only on I think just for hurricane coverage. After the hurricane is over I think they will drop the channel nationally.
That is really good to hear. My coworker was on vacation in New York when Katrina hit ... and they couldn't get back. They had no contact with local media while they were gone. She couldn't get the details she wanted from national media. Their interest is general, and she wanted specifics. The local media knew what people wanted to hear.