Any else attend the season ticket holder luncheon yesterday?

My first time there. Had a friend invite me. Pretty cool.

Had two q+a sessions... first with Walt and then with Brantley, Hanigan, Dickerson and Arroyo.

Both sessions were good. Dickerson and Hanigan impress me with their makeup and attitude. Bronson is Bronson, and always a pleasure to hear speak. Dude doesn't mince words.

But I was most excited to ask Walt a few questions. First was about the off season and the playroll flex we have. What's the priority?

He spoke in the usual vague terms, but he said at least 3 times in the answer... "a power right handed bat."

Didn't say anythign about another starter or the need for a catcher. Which are all the things we've seen printed and know to be true.

So the fact that he said "right handed power bat" I thought was pretty revealing. It must truly be his priority.

Setting us up for Pat Burrel, or a splashy trade (Holliday, etc.)?

I also had the friend who invited me ask about whether BPhil moving to short has ever been seriously talked about. He said it has, but that Brandon has told them he prefers second at this point. But Walt said they know they have that flexibility so they can plan the roster around that idea.

Thought that was nice. My pipedream for a Brian Roberts trade this offseason remains intact!

Curious if anyone else was there.