Guys if this is illegal to post this on this thread then i'm sorry,but i have to share this one. I was lucky fri night with the tickets i got. We were in section 133 a few rolls up from the field. That's not the lucky part. The lucky part is who i shared it with..I know everyone remembers their first reds game. But there is nothing any more special than taking your son for their first game...WOW..Every question he asked me,was answered with a smile, because i can see myself asking those same questions with my first game. Rain delay = ponchos. First ballpark dog, cotton candy, peanuts, coke, pizza,...I am still on cloud nine..from strikeouts, to homeruns, to grandslams. The fireworks,the dancing cam,I know ,,I know this may sound silly to some but this was a night WE will both remember for a lifetime. We live bout 4 hrs out so i dont get to bring the boys that youngest son will make the trip next year,,..Can't wait.. Thanx guys for playing ball the way you did fri night, It reminds me of the reds i grew up with.1975 and yourself a favor and take your kids or someone else's kids to THE game....joe from glasgow ky