WVRedsFan on the ORG wrote this:
And they will IMHO. Dunn, Kearns, Bruce, etc. were supposed to be the next wave of the BRM and it didn't happen for two of them for obvious reasons (it was the pitching, stupid ), but most enjoyed Dunn's blasts and most liked him until the losing continued. Jay Bruce faces the same thing if the losing continues during his tenure. Bruce could hit .300, hit 40 HR and drive in 120 and if the Reds don't win and his performance demands a big salary, He will be the goat after every strikeout and flubbed play in right. If the Reds win, he is the hero. That's the way it is.

I wish Adam well, but only when he plays all teams but the Reds. I'll take no glory in him hitting 1.000 against us, but I fear he might.
The part in Bold I disagree with quite a bit. I feel that if Dunn hit .300 and had 120 RBIs a year, he would have been the toast of the town. Not that I agree with the bad wrap Adam Dunn received...
It seems he is stating that no matter how good Jay Bruce is, if the team is bad and Bruce is making a high salary then the fans will hate him. I just don't see that as being a reality.
The reality with Dunn is/was he doesn't hit for a high BA, he struck out a ton, walked a ton, hit a ton of HRs. The casual fan (most baseball fans) check the BA, HR, and RBIs to declare the worth of a player.
Hopefully we never find the answer and Jay Bruce mashes the ball for the next 10 years and the Reds have a great team.