Okay, since we're winding down the ball season and our heads are ready to explode with all the Reds minituae which needs to be discussed, I thought I'd put out some questions I've pondered this morning.

So for all you entomologists out there, here's what I wondered about.

While grabbing my recycling bin outside, I noticed a partially eaten apple on the ground. I got something to pick it up with and noticed some ants on the apple as took it to our dumpster to throw it away.

I know ants do some kind of communication that alerts the little devils when a food source has been found and call for help hauling the thing back. Now, I took the apple about 70 feet away and threw it away.

Are the little worker ants sending out signals from there and determining where the anthole is, calling for more reenforcements to mine the new mother lode? Or are they picking up the signal and heading back themselves?

If they're not picking up the signal and Monday end up out at Mt. Rumpke, do they reconnect with a new ant universe or is life as they know it over?

So there you have it. Now I have to go back to my own goldmining and look for freight overcharges. I started out the day well with a whopping $2800 overcharge and I didn't even have to send out silent signals on it!

So what's the story with the ants?