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I saw a bit of ElectricRage yesterday. I was on my way to a farm show at London, Ohio, and was getting ready to turn on to STR 235 north of Quincy. Some lady (and I use the term loosely) had pulled up to the stop sign, and gotten out to air her grievances, across 235 at the entrance to the Pines, a bucket truck was there with a man up in the air, and his spotter on the ground. This woman was shaking her finger at them and looked out of sorts. I had to pull around her parked SUV to turn south on to 235. I shook my head at her, and yelled "Grow Up!" These electric crews have a dangerous job to do and they have no room for error. Leave them alone, they want to be done with the job as much as you want the power to come back on.
I think people just don't get it. This was a major event, kind of like having a hurricane blow through your town in five hours. If this were a coastal town, these crews would be like heroes.