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IIRC, they reconfigured the Ryder Cup points system to be weighted more heavily for the year of the Cup, and also gave more points to how people finished in the Majors.

My Top 20:

Paddy Harrington
Geoff Ogilvy
M.A. Jimenez
Luke Donald

My question is "Why doesn't it matter whether they are on the rise or the decline?"

While Justin Leonard is attempting to reinvent himself in hopes to prolong his career pre-Champions Tour, I definitely think he was a much better golfer when he won his Open rather than the golfer he is today. According to the World Golf Rankings, he should be the 7th best player on the team, and was 6th in Ryder Cup points, so while I don't want to discount the WGR, I also don't comfortably trust it as a metric to judge golfers accurately.

Like I said, Team USA, aside from having 1/2 its roster with rookies, has too many golfers on the decline. Many of the guys were better last time Team USA got thumped by the Euros than this time around. Cink, Perry and Kim are the only 3 that are playing much better in 2008 than they did in 2006, so I do put a lot of weight in that.

Conversely, many of the members of Team Europe are playing some of their best golf of their careers right now, and certainly much better than they hit it in 2006.

I understand your tOSU vs IU metaphor, but it doesn't apply to golf. tOSU is a machine, and every now and then you'll see an upstart knock them off, but it doesn't happen the majority of the time. In golf, you see the better players and the hotter players prevail the majority of the time. Sure, there are exceptions, but you're not going to see a Hunter Mahan or a JB Holmes or a Boo Weekley or a Ben Curtis take down a Paddy Harrington or a Henrik Stenson or a Justin Rose.

Bottomline, Team Euro just has better players.

What's your Top 20? Who ya got?
My point was the WGC rankings aren't necessarily better or worse than any other arbitrary ranking.

The point about decline vs upstart was more to the point that Stricker went from #4 to #8 and was thus in a decline, though still ranked ahead of many players on the Euro side. If you take the WGC rankings as valid(you don't) than the US has as many good players as Europe.

To be fair, I probably feel better about the US' chances because I don't watch the European tour enough. But what happened to Paul Casey? Wasn't he like a top 5 player in the world and then he's brought on as a captains pick, finishing behind Oliver Wilson and Graem Macdowell?