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I didn't see what he said, so I'll withold some judgement. I hope they're not too much sour grapes. I've always like Westwood, but he could very well become the next Colin Montgomery. He's won all of one time in the states and that was some no name tournament a long time ago. But his entire demeanor this week reaked of whinysour grapes.

As for crowds, I don't see how any Europeans could, with a straight face, complain about the American crowds if they've experienced Ryder Cups in Europe with their crowds. They're every bit as rowdy as ours.
As I'm watching the European press conference, and I can now say I have a player to always root against. Westwood is a first-class jerk. IMO, the reason why players like Colin and Westwood are so disliked here is not because how often they win, but just their overall demeanor. I'm not condoning any fan going over the line by yelling obscenities to a player, but the reason why it happens to players like Westwood is because they can't keep their mouths shut. Instead of just letting Weekely do his thing or talk to him privately about it, he has to go whining to the press and that's how it all starts. Like I said earlier, maybe he would have had a better weekend if he wasn't so worried about what Weekely was doing or what a stupid fan was yelling at him, and just focused on his game.

Also, Olazabal hasn't changed a bit.