I'm sitting here watching the TBS pregame coverage and they are talking about the postseason awards of course like all analyst do. Ripken and Eckersley agree on all the choices.

AL MVP: Morneau
NL MVP: Howard

AL CY Young: Lee
NL CY Young: Lincecum

To me Lee is just simply obvious and Lincecum isn't a bad choice either, although Webb is hard to forget about. My biggest beef with what appears to be the choice for tons of people is Howard. Not even looking at the strikeouts and average argument, Pujols is still the MVP in my book. Pujols plays in a far inferior lineup than Howard. For Pujols to put up those types of numbers in that lineup to me is way more impressive. If you plug Pujols into the Phillies lineup what sort of ungodly numbers would he put up? If you do factor in the average, which a lot of Saber guys don't like to do, you can't deny the fact that Pujols' .356 average is amazing. When you have an average that high you have to acknowledge it.