Interesting question. The new stuff I tend to listen to are non-mainstream bands and singer/songwriters (or yet to be mainstream) who undoubtedly wouldn't fit in here.

That much being said, and this will probably draw some gasps from people who do not like their music, but I'd have to say that so far Linkin Park probably has to be considered somewhere.

I never thought Linkin Park would be anywhere as big as they've been, but they've been wildly popular with several albums this decade and also helped spawn a version of rock that has a little bit of hip hop mixed in it. Hybrid Theory is one of the few Diamond Albums that have been released since 2000 (10x platinum), and Meteora (4x platinum) was also a fine album. But the success combined with the new style of rock that includes a little bit of hip hop has taken off somewhat for them, and I can see hints of that new style in the last decade.

Of course, while I've never been to a Linkin Park concert, I've heard several people say they're rather disappointing as a live performance so that would probably drop some points there.