Anyone else keeping up with the pirates off the coast of Somalia?

Clearly it's a serious situation. But I must admit, part of me is happy to know that there are still pirates sailing the 7 seas.

This story, though, troubles me.

Specifically, this is the bothersome part:

"Another attack was foiled because the pirates were badly prepared: The ladder they had brought to climb on to the ship was too short."

The ladder was too short?

What kind of panty-waist pirates do we have out there these days? I thought pirates were supposed to swing from ropes and scale the sides of hijacked ships with their bare hands & daggers in their mouths.

I hope the international governing body of pirates calls for a full-blown investigation. The fact that something as mundane as an inadequate ladder prevented pilaging, plundering, and swashbuckling should be a black eye to pirates everywhere.

If you want to be a pirate, then by God be a pirate. Otherwise, turn in your Jolly Roger flag and step to the side.