I'm in a yahoo league where it's ydg and TD heavy for RB (RB/WR 1 pt./ 5 yds, 6 pts for all TDs) and TD heavy for QB (QB 1 pt/20 yds, 6 pts all TDs)

My team is 0-5 and not looking good (thanks Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Lawrence Maroney, and Carson Palmer), but I was proposed this trade:

I get:
Tony Romo
Larry Johnson

I give:
Frank Gore
Carson Palmer

I have been playing Jake Delhomme at QB and he's been doing fairly well, and my other RB's are Lawrence Maroney, Deuce McAllister, and Fred Taylor, not exaclty overwhelming...

I'm on the fence about this. Romo is pretty good, and Palmer's playing with a bad elbow for the rest of the year, the line sucks, and so does Chad Johnson...just not sure what I think about LJ...he went off 2 games ago, then had 2 yds last game...