Now hope like crazy that a couple of these big dollar guys pan out - the last time the Reds tried this it flopped and the team completely turned away from Latin America. That was, of course, a different regime and hopefully Cast realizes that some of this money will be like a Vegas gamble and gone, gone, gone. It will take repeated signings like this year's to really start to pay big dividends. The buscones are bringing the Reds the top talents now - if this kind of annual investment is a budget line item then the Reds will have an inside track as the latin american system now operates. Really, I hope Cast and crew recognize that 5-6 million a year is about the cost of a veteran utility player and well worth the continued expense. In down years for talent they could rathole some of the money and in big years they could push that even higher. If a team can add a guy or two each year in the international arena that would be comparable to a pick from 1-3 in the draft, and lure a player or two in the lower draft slots that driopped because most teams thought he'd go to college, the Reds could develop an incredible minor league system. It'll be interesting to see if the international money continues next year and if they sign as high a percentage of drafted players.