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Dickerson did that last year in Cincinnati by a considerable margin, and yet he has not gotten any votes so far. I think he will surprise a lot of people next year if he gets 600 ABs. I'd be interested in some of the reasons why. I hope both Dickerson and Ramirez will at least make the top 10.
Well like you made mention of already in another thread, hopefully he doesn't become another Ellsbury. I don't think he will they are 2 different types of players but he could be rendered similiarly unproductive. I am not real sure where to put him at this point but I do think it's arguable that he should be considered in the top 5. His floor is lower and his age is an issue but his impact on this team could be huge if he can sustain his current production or close. He would be of bigger impact then most anyone in the farm system sans maybe Bailey. I think everyone is just expecting him to falter thus why you don't see him in the discussion to this point, especially if you take into consideration his BABIP which shows some extraordinary luck.