I have weathered the drop pretty well so far, had about 40% of my 401K in cash before "the fall", had sold all my China holdings, and had purchased some BRK-B shares which have weathered quite well.

While I don't think we have hit bottom yet (more mortgage woes to come), there are some attractive places to put my money and ride from here. I took pretty decent stakes in NUE, DOW, and EBS.

I still hold a sizable chunk of BWLD (BW3's) which I think is a sensational stock now and heading forward.

EBS generates Anthrax vaccines and had contracted with Homeland security quite nicely. They have additional capacity coming online in 2009/2010 timeframe which I think will be greatly beneficial to them. I started tracking them at 8, bought in at 10.00 and 11.50 and am thinking about taking 1/3 back out today as they are closing in on 17.00 (I think they'll come oscillate a bit given the market) . -- I know we have a few researchers here (princeton - cancer? and one other?) and would welcome any comments they (or others) might have on EBS.

I am interested in looking at China again as they have gotten waxed.

I am hoping to buy 1 or 2 more stalwarts that are trading at or below book value and paying a nice dividend ... ones that I can feel comfortable to ride out the current malaise, have nice profit potential overseas, and will more than likely not cut their dividend in the process.

Hope all is well with you and your portfolios.