Just made a trade and wanted to get some thoughts. 10 team league with only 4 teams making playoffs. I am 8-0 and will win my division so this trade was made based on who was playing who in weeks 15 & 16. It is a PPR league.

I trade:

Michael Turner

I receive :

Adrian Peterson

I made the trade because Atlanta plays TB and Minn to end the year while Peterson will play against Arizona and Atlanta.

As well, Cutler plays Carolina/Buffalo while Pennington plays San Fran/Kansas City

This will be my starting playoff lineup if everyone is healthy:

QB - Schaub
QB - Pennington
RB - APete
RB - Reggie Bush
WR - Marshall
WR - Wayne
WR - Evans or Welker
TE - Daniels
K - Kaeding (or someone off waivers)
DEF - Baltimore

I'm not sure I can get a better team unless I can package Welker or Evans with Daniels for Gates.