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Unless the Reds can do something with their defense and run support that greatly improves the team over last year beyond relying upon pitchers to do more than they were able to do the last two years that changes the runs scored, runs allowed and run differential, I will be predicting an area of 74 wins again next year. The Reds don't have any magic beans or golden gooses on the way in 2009 to date.



And most of the discussion surrounding the Reds are an example for them as if they are only competing to improve against themselves or last years Reds team, yet they have to compete against St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee and Houston, not just against improving themselves over last years team.

Chicago Cubs 97 64 .602 -    855 671 +184 
Milwaukee    90 72 .556 7.5  750 689 +61 
Houston      86 75 .534 11   712 743 -31 
St. Louis    86 76 .531 11.5 779 725 +54 
Cincinnati   74 88 .457 23.5 704 800 -96
Thanks for your opinion.

My opinion is ... if the Reds stand pat next year they'll be better than last year... if they make some key moves... they're good enough to be competitive... even in the Central.