I posted my problem on a more suited forum but never got any response. I thought it was worth a try here. I'll just paste my post:

I've had 1.5 service for about a year. I called Windstream to upgrade me to 3.0. That same afternoon I was getting 3.0 speeds. I was happy. The next day, I was back to my old speeds (around 1300kbps download), and it's been that way since. I've called them several times and they've had technicians check things out and even sent one to my home. He tested all kinds of things. But specifically, he tested the speed at the NID and said it was fine. He tested the speed in my kitchen (which happens to be connected in series at the back of the jack in my bedroom), and after a few minutes said it was fine. Then he tested the one in the bedroom and said the jack was bad. Well I tried my modem on the kitchen ("good" speed) jack and saw no change. 1300kbps. I hooked my modem directly to the NID and saw no change. 1300kbps. So I'm hooked back to the original jack, in the bedroom. It's the "bad" jack. 1300kbps still. Here are my current numbers from my modem's manager stats:

DSL Status

Status ATU-C Current Tx Rate
(bits/sec) ATU-R Current Tx Rate
UP 3579000 383000

I know it's hard to read, but it says the current rate is 3579000 down.

My latest reading of SNR is 20.0 and the atten. is 30.5.
I'm not sure what Rx blocks (53422) and Tx blocks (53423) are. But from what I've read, this all looks good. Right?

Windstream says it's the house wiring. But I had the upgraded speeds for an afternoon. I've rebooted the modem and router several times, hooked the modem directly to the computer and to the NID. I don't know what else to do. It can't be my wiring can it?

Any ideas?