Anybody else have a second "beater" type car they own? If so, what's your take on its usefulness to you?

I bought a new car last October (just about a year ago actually) but still kept my old Saturn through last winter so I had a winter beater last year during our snow storms, including that blizzard in March. Not surprisingly, the Saturn kicked the bucket in the spring though and knocked me down to just the new car. While I didn't have much use for a beater during the summer, winter is knocking on the door and I'm thinking of seeing what's out there.

If I did pick up a beater, I'd probably only put an average of 300ish miles per month on it throughout a year, with more of those miles in the winter months during lousy weather (snow, ice, etc.). The upside is that it would keep my new car in the garage during bad winter weather, and it would also save a few miles on the new ride and allow me to stretch out the factory warranty a bit (I'm on pace to blow past the warranty about six months early due to miles since I drive about 15-16k miles per year).

The downside is obviously the cost and hassle.

The most I'd consider spending is about two grand, and I'm not too keen on buying another vehicle and having to pour some money into it. Unfortunately, I also know most vehicles for that cheap tend to have some potential repairs knocking on the door. I've been casually looking around and have already realized that I'd likely only grab a second car if I could find a very good deal, i.e. a decent, low maintenance vehicle that somebody is just trying to get off their hands quickly. I don't have any interest in a project car, mostly because I'm not mechanically inclined enough to undertake a project car on my own.

Insurance is another thing I'm considering, but I'd likely be able to insure the vehicle for less than $300 a year so that's not too big a deal.

Anyhow, opinions are welcome!