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Ok, lets just say that we had a challenge from a rival website (e.g., SOSH, not that they're a real rival or anythting) to put up our 5 best posters againt theirs in order to face off in a series of baseball interrogations. Who would you want to represent RedsZone?

My five:


Who would you go to battle with?
I don't think you could go wrong with anyone on RZ. Most of us were the top posters or close on our particular sites before we came here. In fact that's part of the reason we came here because we needed to grow. No other site is close IMO. But I will give props to the O's hangout they do ok there and at least have the same passion we do. So my 5, ahh take your pick and I'll run with them. But here's a 5 that I wouldn't mind traveling to that site with.

VaticanPlum - Passionate, who's not a sucker for her.
OBM - My brotha from anotha motha, we certainly think similiarly when it comes to baseball. Sorry if that offends you OBM. (BTW I'd still take Izturis over Aybar, LOL)!
SteelSD - Argumentative as all get out but interesting & hilarious too (see Non-baseball chatter). Besides who needs more than him to win an argument?
TeamClark - Doesn't say a whole lot but Insightful when he does and down to earth.
Will M - Guy put ME in his top 5, gotta show him some luv for that!

Honorable mentions:
CoffeyBro (very thoughtful person) & Lockdwn11 (He's my bro-in-law & friend).