That's a great idea, RFS62! The only time that anyone was interested in calisthentics, when I was at the Reds fantasy camp, was when they brought the Hooters girls in to lead them one morning. :evilgrin: Everyone was at attention that morning.:evilgrin:

As far as Boone, and his moves, he had Castro up there to bunt because the percentages showed that he had a better chance to get it down than did Walker. If he had left Walker in, and he had failed, the second guessers here at Redszone would have been jumping up and down because he didn't put someone in that could get a bunt down. I get sick of it. Boone doesn't always make the right moves, but he doesn't always make the wrong ones. Players at this level should be able to execute the fundamentals of baseball. Plain and simple. The good teams do. It is as much mental as it is physical.

I'm not the biggest fan of Bob Boone, and I'm not sure that he is the man to take this team to the next level, but he is far from the worst manager that we could have. We're not that far removed from Jack McKeon, who I thought was a great character and person, but far removed from being a quality manager. Good players that execute the fundamentals make good managers. I guess when that doesn't happen, the manager gets the blame. Always been that way, and always will, I guess. Too much credit when winning and too much blame when losing.