By the way, and not that it really matters, but as I mentioned before, I think McKeon is a great guy and character. I would relish the chance to sit down and listen to him talk baseball and smoke a cigar with him.(One of my passions too!) I am mesmerized by people that have the history in the game that McKeon and those of his generation have. He's probably the type of guy who would just sit down and talk to a nobody. Would be much more my style than trying to sit down and listen to Bob Boone. I just never cared for Jack's managerial style. I'm sure most of the players liked Jack. I know his coaches did, after talking to several of them at Reds baseball heaven. They just amplified what I believe is true these days. It's hard for guys like Jack to motivate todays players, when they are making the money that they do. Would be like me trying to motivate Donald Trump. Managing a baseball team is probably harder today than it has ever been.