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Thread: State of your fandom

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    Re: State of your fandom

    Quote Originally Posted by SunDeck View Post
    Everything is moving towards subscription only viewing and I think that's just wrong.
    My cable bill is $53 a month for fairly standard channels ( no HBO, Showtime, etc ). I was thinking about going with rabbitt ears until I realized I needed FSN to watch the Reds

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    Re: State of your fandom

    + NHL


    Baseball not too long ago was my unquestioned #1 sport, but right now, hockey has my interest most of the time. Just the feleing I get watching the Blackhawks is way ahead of the Reds right now, maybe it's because it's the first team I've really followed that seems to have really figured things out.


    I was always a fringe football fan in the first place, so I'm surprised that the Bengals haven't losses me yet, but they haven't.

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    Re: State of your fandom




    Once the Reds went in the tank last spring, I can't remember having less interest in them.

    They've finally beat me down. I'd rather watch good baseball, even though I still watch a lot of Reds games.
    Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?

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    Re: State of your fandom

    =Chicago White Sox (always have been a huge fan, and they'll always be my #1!)
    =MLB (always have loved following baseball)

    -NFL. I'm not the biggest fan of the NFL. Give me baseball any day of the week over football.
    -College Football

    +UC Bearcats (since I go there)
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    Re: State of your fandom


    I've always been a huge Reds fan but somehow it continues to grow every year. So much in fact, I plan on moving to Cincy in a year or two just so I can get season tickets.

    ---NFL...I was a NFL fan five years ago but I've lost all interest in the No Fun League these days.

    =College football

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    Re: State of your fandom

    ++MLB (I also follow the Orioles and Angels regularly and enjoy several other teams too. I'll watch just about any game when it's on TV with a few exceptions. )
    ++Reds (I like the young "Core of Four" as I've been calling them...Volquez, Votto, Ceuto, and Bruce...and I think the team has some good potential if it's used correctly and the right parts are added to it.)

    ++College Football (I've been watching more and more over the last few years)
    ++Ohio State Football (Terrelle Pryor is awesome. I was talking to a Michigan student a couple weeks ago and he said it just kills him to see Terrelle playing for the Buckeyes. I kind of felt bad for him because he sounded so pathetic and beaten, which pretty much describes their year so far, LMAO )

    =/+ Figure Skating (that's my number one sport and I go through phases of loving it related to how many skaters I like at the time...currently there are a lot that I like so I'm enjoying this new season.)

    -NFL (Meh, I like college football better but I do like the Colts)
    ----Bengals (Do I need to explain this one? )

    +Gymnastics (The Olympics always brings my fandom up a bit but I watch it on a regular basis and have since I was very young.)
    "I tried to play golf, but I found out I wasn't very good." -Joey Votto on his offseason hobby search

    An MLB.com reporter asked what one thing Votto couldn’t do. “I can’t skate or play hockey,” Votto said. “Well, I can skate ... but I can’t stop.”

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    Re: State of your fandom

    -MLB (although to begin with I never watched a ton of anything but the Reds, in fact I would rather spend my time talking about the Reds than watching another team w/ exception to college & little league world series)
    +Reds (my interest started to wain after the strike a little until Jr was signed I believe and even then it was mild until Dunn, Kearns and the like)

    +NFL (Fantasy football, gave me some interest. But FF is now waining)
    +Bengals (Lewis & Palmer got me back but now I am slowly headed down a negative path)

    -College Football (only passing interest in other non OSU teams)
    + TOSU (The Cooper era was killing me but Tressel gave me renewed interest)

    =College Basketball (Never had much interest)
    + TOSU (a tad more interest since the days of Scoonie Penn and Michael Redd)

    -NBA (Less overall interest since MJ and Pippen are gone)
    - Chicago Bulls - I still try to keep track of them, but since the great Bulls teams are gone WGN stopped broadcasting lots of games and I'm not paying extra $$$'s to see mediocrity. I'm doing everything I can just to keep from jumping ship and joining the Cavs bandwagon.


    -Boxing (This sport needs a facelift still)
    "You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one."

    --Woody Hayes

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    Re: State of your fandom

    Quote Originally Posted by RFS62 View Post
    Once the Reds went in the tank last spring, I can't remember having less interest in them.

    They've finally beat me down. I'd rather watch good baseball, even though I still watch a lot of Reds games.
    This is exactly what I felt last season. I love baseball, but I am free falling into apathy with Reds baseball. I am actually a bit nervous to see if I can "turn it on" come spring training next year.


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    Re: State of your fandom


    I follow the Reds more and more every year, but overall baseball is about the same.


    I follow the Bucs just as closely, but my overall interest level for the NFL has gone down.

    +++Illinois basketball
    +NIU basketball
    ++College basketball

    Over the last few years, I've followed Illinois basketball closer and closer. The more I care, the worse they get.

    =college football
    +NIU football
    =Illinois football

    For some reason, I like Illinois basketball better, but NIU football better. Go figure.


    Love them, always have

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    Re: State of your fandom

    = MLB
    - Reds (mostly because I'm at school and don't have time to go to 10-20 games a year like I did in high school)
    +++ OSU sports (being a student tends to do that)
    -NFL (too much HW on Sundays)
    ++College football
    ++College basketball
    + Columbus sports (Clippers, Blue Jackets, Crew)
    -Southwest Ohio College basketball (UD, UC, Wright State, Xavier) (living out of the area does that)
    -High school sports

    Seems to me like most of my changes have been a shift from high school into college as I've changed my location and time demands quite a bit. I have a feeling my interest in the NFL will increase dramatically next year when I actually have a lot of time on the weekends.

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    Re: State of your fandom

    -Reds...maybe the first time since I became a fan in 1975 that I have felt this way, but last year was just totally miserable and had myself at times questioning why I was still a fan of this organization.

    +MLB...still a great game to watch and follow.

    +College baseball...I think the CWS is very underrated sporting event.

    +College basketball...Big Ten Channel makes it cool to follow this sport.

    +Indiana basketball...Tom Crean is restoring dignity to this once proud school.

    +Butler basketball...If you are a college basketball nut you have to go to Hinkle Fieldhouse. It is a great facility to watch a game at.

    -NBA....Just overall not an entertaining game to watch. I miss passing and players who can shoot and oh..........play defense.

    +Indiana Pacers....I have already watched more games this year than I watched all of last year. They play hard!!

    -NFL....First time in a long time I am in no fantasy stuff, so maybe thats why I am not following it as closely this year.

    =Colts....I miss them being one of the elite teams in the NFL but I also realize I have been spoiled, I coulda been a Bengals fan.
    "Boys, I'm one of those umpires that misses 'em every once in a while so if it's close, you'd better hit it." Cal Hubbard

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    Re: State of your fandom

    ++Reds- much higher than 5 years ago
    + Texas Rangers
    = MLB- Rest of baseball

    ++ Chicago Bears- been a fan since Super Bowl XX
    = NFL- somewhat follow the other NFL teams

    + OSU football- became a fan the last couple of years

    ---NBA, NHL, college basketball, soccer. Don't care much about them.

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    Re: State of your fandom

    Quote Originally Posted by gonelong View Post
    This is exactly what I felt last season. I love baseball, but I am free falling into apathy with Reds baseball. I am actually a bit nervous to see if I can "turn it on" come spring training next year.

    Yep. I cried "uncle" this season, too. I'll watch this upcoming season, but it'll most certainly be with a glazed and bleary eye.

    Not having Dunn will definitely make it that much harder.
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    Re: State of your fandom

    - MLB
    - Reds

    For me it was two years ago that the Reds beat me into submission. Actually the O'Brien followed by Krivsky and the The Trade is what did it. I have more hope now that Jocketty is in charge, but I went from living and dying based on Reds games (much like I still do with my NY Football Giants) to, eh.

    + NFL
    = NYG (Its just not possible to be more of a fan or this would be +)

    - NBA
    - NY Knicks (although D'Antoni is bringing me back. Once they start getting nationally televised games this will ascend, but probably not as much as when I lived in NY and could watch the Ewing led Knicks on MSG whenever I wanted)

    ++ College Football
    ++ ND

    + College Basketball
    + UNC

    No hockey, NASCAR, soccer for me.
    "I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of bubble gum."
    - - Rowdy Roddy Piper

    "It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I am not a big man"
    - - Fletch

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    Re: State of your fandom

    --- (a triple-minus) for Nascar

    I got into it while the Browns were extinct. Now it is too polished, too corporate, too boring. (Old-time fans were probably saying that about it in the mid-90's when I began watching as well, but its gotten exponentially worse).

    Its become a joke.

    Other than than I've remained the same in my fandom.
    "If you're into those sorts of things...Some would say using others' posts as signatures is weird." - Sea Ray

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