+ MLB Fan
= Reds Fan

I thought long and hard about giving the Reds a "-". But I'm as much of a fan as I ever was, just a little beat down. I've gotten a little more appreciative of watching any good MLB over the years. I love to watch a well-played baseball game.

= tOSU Fan
+ College Football

Always be a big tOSU fan. Have grown to appreciate the diversity of college play (styles, regionally, etc.) of college ball over the corporate IBM-like NFL.

- Bengals Fan
- NFL Football

Bengals suck and will continue to do so yea verily. The pro game is just so ... the same. Plus I never could get my Browns fever back after they moved.

= Bearcats Fan
- College Basketball

Bearcats I still like. In college hoops with so many kids skipping college or the one-and-done thing, the overall talent and quality of play has declined IMHO. Actually, I think international game is the most fundamentally sound hoops around.

Like the NBA and follow it. The pro game has gotten fundamentally better.

Follow soccer more now after getting to understand the game and getting HD TV. I liked NASCAR better when it was the gold ole boys.