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I guess that's all true, but I was mostly annoyed because rock shows began to be populated by flannel wearing poseurs, and then Green Day happened and I almost felt like dropping out of society altogether.

It stinks when stuff gets co-opted.
True enough. Felt the same way myself, but the alternative was a wet generational fuse that never got lit.

And isn't it better that the poseurs moved in that direction than some others? IMO, we drink better beer because of it now. Metropolitan living bounced back because of it. I like to think it created demand for authenticity amongst those who otherwise would have lapsed into a repeat of the previous generation.

I don't care how early or late you came to it, you're better off for having been in a pit. I like the notion that lurking somewhere in the most buttoned-up business drones of our generation is someone who once felt the urge to bounce off of strangers to the harmonious strains of "Stay Away."