These are completely insane predictions that will probably never come true, but just in case one of them does, I want to be able to claim that I said it first. If they don't, no one will remember this thread anyway, so there is nothing to lose.

1) The Reds will win between 95-100 games in 2009 and win the World Series. (Okay, so I have been making this prediction every year since 1976, but I know that this year, it will come true.)

2) Alex Gonzalez will not only be the starting SS for the Reds for all of 2009, but he will be one of the team's MVP's. I predict that in the Playoffs, Joe Buck will tell Tim McCarver that one of the keys to the Reds turnaround this year, was the play of Gonzalez, with his steady defense at SS and solid bat in the second spot in the order. Tim McCarver will reply with a story about Lou Brock that makes no sense.

3) In the offseason, Walt Jocketty will acquire a big RH bat for the middle of the lineup, and it will be a player that no one on RedsZone expected.

4) Edinson Volquez will pitch better in 2009 than he did in 2008, but he will still be the team's #2 starter, as Johnny Cueto will be the ace.

5) Adam Dunn will sign with a contending team, he will OPS over .900, with 40 HR and 100 RBI's, and his team will still not make the playoffs. And the debate will continue.

6) Ryan Freel will have a career year platooning with Chris Dickerson in CF, and will be considered one of the leagues best bargains at $4M a year.

7) Jeff Keppinger will be in 2009 what Ryan Freel was in 2008 to Reds fans, an over-rated utility player.

8) Francisco Cordero will not be the Reds closer at the end of the season.

9) Edwin Encarnacion will not be the Reds starting thirdbaseman.

10) Danny Herrera will be a dominant LOOGY and TWIB will do major story on him.