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1. Reds will win 85-90 games next year and make the playoffs.

2. AGon will be back as the starting SS.

3. Reds acquire RH bat that nobody expects. I agree.

4. Volquez will still be good, but will come down to earth next season. Cueto will continue to improve.

5. Adam Dunn will sign with the Nationals and play 1B, a position he wouldn't play in Cincy.

6. Ryan Freel will continue to be nothing but a utility player. He will probably get hurt in the first week, which is typical.

7. A key player will go down and the fans will realize just how lucky we are to have Jeff Keppinger to fill in.

8. Cordero won't be going anywhere. No team will be willing to pick up his contract.

9. EE might be gone.

10. Herrera gets made a starter and becomes the next Tim Wakefield.
If her were to become Wakefield like the rotation would be pretty outstanding. I wouldn't be against giving him a spot start or two to see if he has the stamina it would take.